Elks Lodge 1011

A collection of videos that highlights the fun we have while helping our Lodge and community.
Red Solo 2014  Elks 2014, Red Solo Cup. A superb party. Elks Oktoberfest  Elks 2013 OktoberFest. Elks Xmas 2013  Elks 2013 Christmas. Elks 1011 Spring Cleanup  Elks 2014 Spring Cleanup.
Elks-Hallow-2014  Elks 2014 Halloween Party. Elks 1011 Italian Night 2014  An Italian feast for the masses. Elks 1011 Dinner Italiano, 2013  2013 Italian Dinner for Elks 1011. ERIKs Kayak Krash  Erik gets in some very hot water!
ElksEaster  Elks 2014, Easter party and egg hunt. Elks Family Day  Elks 2013 Family Day, featuring "The Dreamers" band. Annual BSV Hogs Toyride-2015 One of the many great Cruise Nites.